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Red Hat Network Satellite

Making Enterprise Linux deployable, scalable and manageable

Red Hat Network Satellite is an easy-to-use systems management platform for your growing Linux infrastructure. Built on open standards, RHN Satellite provides powerful systems administration capabilities such as management, provisioning and monitoring for large deployments. Satellite allows you to manage many servers as easily as you would one.

Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite is a systems management platform that makes Linux deployable, scalable, manageable, and consistent. RHN Satellite provides administrators with the tools to efficiently manage their systems lowering per-system, deployment, and management costs. RHN Satellite offers superior security by having a single centralized tool, secure connection policies for remote administration, and secure content. Use RHN Satellite to ensure security fixes and configuration files are applied across your environment consistently.

Disaster Recovery with Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Solutions Architect Dave Russell was faced with a challenge: Build a secure, high-availability web application platform that could withstand an extreme hardware failure incident. Dave's client, an R&D and IT Security organization in the UK, had highly demanding security needs. One hundred and fifty servers across three geographic sites with a multi-tier application architecture meant that new ground had to be broken to improve manageability, maximize uptime, and ensure fault tolerance. Given the customer's application was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the natural answer was Red Hat Satellite systems management.

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