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Red Hat Systems Management

Automating your Enterprise Linux and JBoss environments

As technology demands on your organization grow and budgets shrink, look to Red Hat for effective Systems Management solutions. Whether you need to automate your linux environment or deploy your applications anywhere, anytime; the right management tools can maximize the performance of your IT systems and staff. Red Hat's systems management tools were designed from the ground up to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Middleware.

Manage Your Middleware With JBoss Operations Network

An integrated management platform that simplifies the development, testing, deployment and monitoring of your JBoss Middleware. JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON) offers features such as:

  • Auto-discover application resources: Operating systems, applications and services
  • Assign roles for users to enable fine-grained access control to JBoss ON services
  • From one console, store, edit and set application configurations
  • Start. stop or schedule an action on an application resource
  • Monitor and collect metric data for a particular platform, server or service
  • Alert support personnel based upon application alert conditions

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