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Cluster Suite

Low-cost high availability for enterprise applications

 For applications that require maximum uptime, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux cluster with Red Hat Cluster Suite is the answer. Specifically designed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Cluster Suite provides two distinct types of clustering:

  • Application/Service Failover - Create n-node server clusters for failover of key applications and services
  • IP Load Balancing - Load balance incoming IP network requests across a farm of servers

With Red Hat Cluster Suite, applications can be deployed in high availability configurations so that they are always operational-bringing "scale-out" capabilities to Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments.

For high-volume open source applications, such as NFS, Samba, and Apache, Red Hat Cluster Suite provides a complete ready-to-use failover solution. For most other applications, customers can create custom failover scripts using provided templates. Red Hat Professional Services can provide custom Red Hat Cluster Suite deployment services where required.


Technical Highlights

  • Support for up to 16 nodes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
  • Allows high availability to be provided for multiple applications simultaneously.
  • NFS/CIFS Failover: Supports highly available file serving in Unix and Windows environments.
  • Fully shared storage subsystem: All cluster members have access to the same storage.
  • Comprehensive Data Integrity: Uses the latest I/O barrier technology, such as programmable embedded and external power switches.
  • Service failover: Red Hat Cluster Suite not only ensures hardware shutdowns or failures are detected and recovered from automatically, but it also monitors applications to ensure they are running correctly and restarts them automatically if they fail.


Red Hat Cluster Suite is supported for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES on x86, AMD64/EM64T, Itanium and POWER*. Like all Red Hat solutions, it is delivered through Red Hat Network on an annual subscription basis.

* Power LPAR configurations are Tech Preview in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as of 5.4


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