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Application Stack

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is the market leading platform for innovative and scalable Java applications. Integrated, simplified, and delivered by the leader in enterprise open source software, it includes leading open source technologies for building, deploying, and hosting enterprise Java applications and services.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform balances innovation with enterprise class stability by integrating the most popular clustered Java EE application server with next generation application frameworks. Built on open standards, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform integrates JBoss Application Server, with JBoss Hibernate, JBoss Seam, and other leading open source Java technologies from JBoss.org into a complete, simple enterprise solution for Java applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (JBoss Developer Studio)
  • Built for Standards and Interoperability: JBoss EAP supports a wide range of Java EE and Web Services standards.
  • Enterprise Java Beans and Java Persistence
  • JBoss EAP bundles and integrates Hibernate, the de-facto leader in Object/Relational mapping and persistence.
  • Built-in Java naming and directory interface (JNDI) support
  • Built-in JTA for two-phase commit transaction support
  • JBoss Seam Framework and Web Application Services
  • Caching, Clustering, and High Availability
  • Security Services
  • Web Services and Interoperability
  • Integration and Messaging Services
  • Embeddable, Service-Oriented Architecture microkernel
  • Consistent Manageability
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is certified under the Common Criteria at EAL 2+

Management for JBoss Enterprise Middleware

The JBoss Operations Network is a single, integrated management platform that delivers centralized systems management and simplifies development, testing, deployment and monitoring for JBoss Enterprise Middleware. From the JBoss Operation Network console you can:

  • Inventory resources from the operating system to applications.
  • Control and audit your application configurations to standardize deployments.
  • Manage, monitor and tune your applications for improved visibility, performance and availability.
  • Coordinate the many stages of application lifecycle and expose a cohesive view of your middleware components through complex environments.
  • Improve operational efficiency and reliability through thorough visibility into application availability and performance, and effectively manage configuration and rollout of new applications across complex environments with a single, integrated tool.

JBoss Operations Network currently provides administrative management and operations management for JBoss Enterprise Web Server, Application Platform and SOA Platforms.

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