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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

Easy to Use, Deploy, and Secure

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is built for both the administrator and the end user. Built with the robust and secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation and leading end-user applications and features from the open source community, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is an attractive and highly productive environment for knowledge workers on desktops or laptops.

Client installations can be finely tailored and locked down for simplicity and security for any task workstation. For those who require performance, visualization, and interactivity for simulation and design, Red Hat provides support for the latest graphics cards and true scalability on multi-core systems.

Desktop Features


Linux has a reputation for being a very secure operating system. Red Hat has extended Linux's security advantage by developing a layered defense scheme for keeping desktops secure.


  • more secure applications
  • protection against commonly exploited security flaws, e.g. buffer overflows integrated in the standard software stack
  • highest-grade protection via the SELinux security feature. Protects system services from attacks, full transparency and is easy to extend and adopt.
  • smartcard authentication support

Red Hat makes it easy to secure a desktop deployment against external and internal threats.


Red Hat provides a simple, rapidly-deployable tool that allows a systems administrator to manage a complex, geographically dispersed desktop deployment from a single web-based console.

Red Hat Network allows a system administrator to remotely update, group, deploy, and provision desktop systems. Whether it's 10 or 10,000 desktop systems, the system administration effort is the same. This frees up some of your desktop personnel to be redeployed on other projects.


Not only are the applications bundled with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop interoperable with Microsoft® formats, but Red Hat also includes other technologies to allow a Red Hat desktop to plug-and-play in a Microsoft-centric environment.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop includes the most popular desktop applications for no additional charge. Fully featured and with intuitive interfaces, these applications make your users productive with little need for retraining.

And all of these applications are interoperable with their Microsoft counterparts. This means you can create, view, and edit Microsoft-formatted documents or email and leverage the investments you have already made.

User experience

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop was designed to create a user experience where everything "just works." This involves major improvements to everything, from OpenOffice and Firefox to networking, laptop support, peripheral support, graphics, and multimedia. All of this ensures that your users are more productive with minimal need for retraining.

New in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Your productivity, security and flexibility are enhanced with

  • OpenOffice 3 suite
  • Email - (openchange MAPI client capability)
  • NetworkManager - mobile network connection management
  • Cisco IPSEC client compatibility
  • Smart Card support
  • Encrypted disk (luks)

Desktop Variants


Designed for task workers. Typically requires a limited set of applications. End user has limited administrative control over the system. System administrators need to be able to pre-configure and remotely manage consistent images across a large number of systems.

Primary applications in use are productivity applications like Firefox, Evolution/Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Planner/TaskJuggler. Primary services in use would be network file systems like SMB/CIFS, NFS, printing services, IM.


Workstations are designed for advanced Linux users. In addition to the tools provided in the Desktop variant, the Workstation variant supports a stand-alone development environment. End users are expected to have local super-user privileges or select super-user privileges.

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